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Dating apps have recently become a new way of socializing and arranging dates and sexual encounters with strangers. In order to do this, men and women must look attractive in their profiles. There, they describe themselves and say what they expect from their possible partners.


I find the mood of many gay men’s profiles particularly striking. They describe themselves as “masculine” guys who want to meet other men with the same features, and they seem to share a very precise idea of what masculinity is: straight-acting, being rude -or even aggresive-, despising everything they dislike -femininity, mannerisms- and showing off a strong and muscled body. An image similar to that of the alpha male that was so common just a few decades ago.


However, heterosexuals -who are the models of masculinity for a part of the homosexual community- try to be attractive for women in a very different way: they show their sensitivity, the variety of their hobbies, a good temper... Features that would be ignored not so long ago for fear of being qualified as not virile enough.


100% masculine is a fake app in which I build my masculinity through the compilation of  various profiles collected for several months. I imitate the photographs of straight and “masculine” gay men and I copy their descriptions with the intention of reflecting on the conventions attributed to gender.





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